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MBE Center

The World Is Our Home

We currently operate under several brands. This widespread presence, alongside our physical and digital hybrid platforms, allow us to provide e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping, marketing, and print solutions to satisfy the needs of our global customers and offer them a high-level of customer service.

 One Network for a world of solutions

MBE- Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of Service Centers, owned and managed by independent entrepreneurs who provide shipping, fulfillment, print, and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals with a focus on providing the highest standard of customer service.

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Today, local PostNet Centers serve their communities by offering a wide range of essential printing, shipping, design, and mail services, paired with a consultative approach and a dedication to helping customers find the right solutions to their needs.

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AlphaGraphics was founded in 1970 and today there are more than 270 independently owned and operated Centers across six countries. AlphaGraphics offers custom print and marketing solutions that get noticed. From ideas to execution, we are a trusted partner to our customers, developing innovative solutions to drive their business forward.

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One-stop-shop solutions for sending or receiving. PACK & SEND is a leading courier and freight reseller in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. PACK & SEND services customers with value-add solutions for both outbound and inbound parcels.

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PrestaShop is the leading ecommerce platform in Europe and Latin America. It allows entrepreneurs and companies to create and develop their own ecommerce site. PrestaShop develops an open source software, which is freely downloadable and allows to create an online retail website. PrestaShop also develops modules and services that complement the software. PrestaShop is designed to integrate with all the tools needed to run a company.

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Spedingo is a project conceived, developed and managed by Eurocubia SRL, a company that has been dealing with innovative solutions in the field of logistics since 2012 and which in 2017 became part of the Mail Boxes Etc. Group.

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gel Proximity

GEL Proximity is the world’s first technology that places Last Mile Logistics at the center of the purchasing process, directly managing the relationship between checkout and Proximity solutions to pick up or return parcels.

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Print Speak | data that talks

Print Speak help you get organized and win more sales, with 24/7 access to data, tools, and business intelligence that will make life that much easier. Print Speak uses real time data, proven best practice methodologies, templates, and processes that help to ensure your business enjoys constant, steady growth.

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Multicopopy the communication company

Multicopy provides a range of modern communication products and services, from signs and print to websites, direct marketing and promotional products.
Multicopy Network always delivers recognizable, surprising, creative and refreshing added value to our clients that helps them strengthen their market position and become more successful and more distinctive than the competition.

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World Options - Be Global

World Options offers unique, intelligent and industry-leading software solutions with a range of key features designed to optimize customers’ resources and provide them with information to make smarter and more efficient shipping decisions.

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+3.150 Locations
Our Global Network currently includes over 3.150 locations worldwide.


52 Countries
Our Global Network presently operates in 52 countries across 5 continents.


Our 13,000+ People
The people who make up our network are united by a shared vocation of finding solutions to help our customers succeed.

1+MM Business Customers
Our Global Network is serving over 1 million small and medium enterprises all over the world.


12 Corporate Offices
Our Global Headquarters is in Milan, Italy; additionally we have a direct presence in the following cities/countries: Denver, US; Sydney – Australia; Almere – The Netherlands; London – UK; Barcelona – Spain; Berlin – Germany; Paris – France; Warsaw – Poland; Aggrington, UK.


$ 1.3 BLM
FY2022 System-wide Sales. In 2022 our Global Network achieved €1.3 bln of System Wide Sales and €24 bln with the e-commerce platform PrestaShop.

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