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Opening a franchise business can be an appealing path for aspiring entrepreneurs for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, franchising provides the opportunity to operate under an established brand. This can alleviate the challenges of building brand recognition and trust from scratch, which is often a major hurdle for start-ups. A well-known brand brings with it a ready customer base, easing the task of attracting and retaining customers.

Secondly, franchisees benefit from a proven business model. Franchisors provide their operational blueprint—tried and tested systems, procedures, and strategies—that have been successful in the past. This significantly reduces the risks and uncertainties that come with starting a business, increasing the likelihood of success.

Moreover, franchisees gain access to extensive training and support. Many franchisors offer comprehensive training programs to equip franchisees with the skills and knowledge they need to run the business effectively. They also provide ongoing support in areas like marketing, supply chain management, and sometimes even real estate and site development, further increasing the chances of success.

Another advantage is the power of collective purchasing. Franchises often negotiate bulk purchasing agreements with suppliers, which can lower the cost of goods and services for franchisees. This helps improve the profitability of the franchise units.

In summary, opening a franchise business can be a strategic decision for entrepreneurs looking for a business opportunity with brand recognition, proven operational systems, training, support, and potentially improved purchasing power, all of which contribute to the likelihood of business success.

Franchising with Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to be part of a globally recognized brand with a proven business model. As an MBE franchisee, you gain the right to operate under the MBE brand, leveraging their robust operational systems, marketing strategies, and the brand’s established reputation. MBE offers comprehensive training and continuous support to its franchisees, empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to run their MBE Center effectively. They also provide assistance in site selection and development, making it easier for franchisees to establish their business. Furthermore, MBE franchisees benefit from the brand’s strategic partnerships and collective purchasing power, helping improve profitability. While franchisees enjoy the autonomy of running their own business, they also share in the responsibility of upholding MBE’s brand standards, contributing to the growth and success of the MBE network worldwide.

A franchisee in the business landscape is an individual or a company that purchases the right to operate a business under the banner of an already established brand, known as the franchisor. This arrangement allows the franchisee to use the franchisor’s trademark, business model, and operational protocols, while also benefiting from its brand recognition, reputation, and often, ongoing support.

For instance, if an entrepreneur decides to open a Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Center, they become a franchisee of MBE. As franchisees, they are granted the rights to run the business using MBE’s brand, protocols, and resources. This includes everything from the signage and logo to the business system and strategies that MBE employs in its operations.

Being a franchisee can significantly mitigate the risks that come with starting a business from scratch. They’re buying into an already proven business model and a brand that has already gained market recognition. This can considerably increase their chances of success as compared to starting an entirely new business.

However, being a franchisee also requires adherence to the rules and standards set by the franchisor to ensure consistency across all franchises. They are usually required to pay an initial franchise fee, along with ongoing royalty fees, which contribute to the cost of the support they receive and the rights to use the franchisor’s brand and system.

Moreover, as franchisees, they have a role in the growth and success of the overall brand. Their performance, customer service, and adherence to brand standards impact the reputation of the entire franchise network. Hence, while they enjoy the autonomy of running their own business, they also share the responsibility for the brand’s overall success.

In summary, a franchisee, like an owner of an MBE Center, plays a pivotal role in the franchise business model, operating under the franchisor’s brand, utilizing their established business system, and contributing to the expansion and reputation of the brand.

A franchisor, in the business model of franchising, is the original or established entity that grants the rights to its brand and proven business model to another party, called the franchisee. The franchisor holds ownership of the overarching company’s trademark, business system, and processes. They offer crucial support to franchisees, including but not limited to operational training, marketing strategies, supply chain management, and sometimes even assistance with site selection and development.

Take Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE), for instance. As a franchisor, MBE licenses its brand and business model to franchisees who then run MBE Centers using the company’s branding, protocols, and resources. This agreement allows MBE to increase its global presence and market reach without the substantial capital expenditure and operational complexities that would come with opening and managing additional company-owned outlets.

On the other side of this agreement, franchisees benefit immensely from operating under the umbrella of an established and trusted brand. They leverage the franchisor’s proven business model, mitigating the typical risks associated with starting a business from scratch. They also gain access to extensive training programs and continuous support, thereby enhancing their operational competence and chances of success.

However, it is essential to highlight that the franchisor’s role extends beyond just providing a business blueprint. They are also responsible for maintaining brand consistency, setting quality standards, and innovating the business model to stay relevant and competitive in changing market conditions. Therefore, the franchisor-franchisee relationship is a symbiotic one, each relying on the other for mutual growth, profitability, and sustainability.

In conclusion, a franchisor like MBE forms the backbone of the franchise business model, providing the necessary resources and support to franchisees while strategically expanding their brand’s footprint across diverse markets.

Learn more about becoming a franchisee with Mail Boxes Etc. and open your own MBE Service Center!

Territorial exclusivity in franchising, as it pertains to Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE), refers to a stipulation in the franchise agreement that grants the franchisee the exclusive rights to operate within a specified geographic area. This essentially means that MBE, as the franchisor, pledges not to establish, or permit the establishment of, another MBE franchise within the same designated territory.

This arrangement is designed to safeguard the franchisee from direct competition from fellow franchisees under the MBE brand within their specified area. It allows them to fully seize the potential of the market within their delineated territory, fostering business growth and customer loyalty without fear of internal competition.

However, it’s essential to understand that the precise terms and scope of the exclusive territory are explicitly defined within each individual franchise agreement. This means that territorial exclusivity can differ from one franchisee to the next, depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to: the market density and potential, location, and the specific agreement made between MBE and the franchisee.

MBE’s commitment to territorial exclusivity underscores their dedication to franchisee success, helping to ensure that each MBE Center can focus on delivering quality services and building strong relationships with customers within their territory. This strategy bolsters the reputation and reach of the MBE brand overall, while providing franchisees with the confidence and resources needed to thrive.


Thousands of SMEs want to take a leap towards innovation. And thanks to your new skills, they will be able to do so.

With the e-commerce and logistics sector expanding, the SMEs that populate the market today need daily support from specialized professionals. Someone always ready to provide the right solutions. By joining the MBE world, you can be that partner, taking your customer’s e-commerce logistics to a new level of efficiency, and we will be by your side. Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of service centers, owned and managed by independent Entrepreneurs who provide shipping, logistics & e-commerce, fulfillment, print, and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals. According to recent research, the eCommerce global market will reach $8.1 trillion by 2026. A trend that is set to grow in the coming years. Starting your own business in the E-commerce and Logistics market can be the right move.

In a globalized world strongly oriented towards online purchases, commercial exchanges now concern not only large chains but also private buyers. Goods travel at ever-increasing rhythms and volumes, in contexts and areas that are also very different from each other, both from a geographical and political point of view.

MBE Franchising also represents an interesting opportunity for those local entrepreneurs who want to become part of the sector’s growth and development process as protagonists. In fact, becoming a point of reference for distribution chains allows you to start your own business with the support of consulting teams of large groups. Capable of guiding new activities with marketing campaigns, training programs and dedicated support in a relationship of collaboration that benefits both parties.

Mail Boxes Etc. is a one-stop concept that offers a mix of different services to help meet people’s everyday needs.

Basically everyone is a potential customer of Mail Boxes Etc., but our focus is clearly on the more than 5 million SMEs in Germany. There is actually no target group that we cannot serve.

With our comprehensive service of shipping, fulfillment, marketing, e-commerce, and printing solutions delivered with an excellent and unrivaled level of customer service, our MBE Centers specifically target:

– advertising agencies
– auction houses
– galleries
– online retailer
– and much more

Start your own business as an MBE franchisee and help SMEs and private individuals with our unique service.

If you want to become self-employed, taking over an existing MBE center is a particularly attractive option. You already have an active customer base, operating experience and ongoing income. If you are interested in taking over an MBE Center, you can contact us directly for further information and support.

Prospective MBE franchisees can come from all backgrounds and with different skills. Qualities of successful Mail Boxes Etc. Partners include a strong entrepreneurial spirit, great enthusiasm, personal motivation, efficient organizational skills and the desire to set up your own business.

MBE franchising is perfect for those who want more autonomy in their careers, as well as for those who are already entrepreneurs, business owners or are self-employed and want to diversify their business.

MBE supports entrepreneurs who want to become franchisees in finding a location. We have been part of the opening of hundreds of MBE centers and know what makes a good location. Together with your knowledge of the region, we can analyze factors such as target group, competitive environment, market opportunities and local conditions in order to make a well-founded location decision.


Today, there are approximately 3,150 MBE Service Centers in 52 countries worldwide. This demonstrates the flexibility, adaptability, and applicability of the MBE business model to any cultural or economic environment. We are certain that opening an MBE center in your region will also be a success.

Of course, MBE supports you in setting up your MBE Center! A major advantage of our franchise offer is that your service center is equipped with advertising materials and brand-compliant furniture. This allows you to optimally integrate MBE’s brand identity and benefit from the associated recognition value.

MBE provides a unique set of services to local residents and businesses. The success is strongly linked to a concept we call “farming”, namely interacting with people, both inside and outside of the MBE Center to promote the
activities. Whether business or private, development of a loyal client base depends on listening to their needs and then solving everyday challenges to help them be more efficient with their time and day. MBE provides also omni-
channel Marketing and support you through our business programs, leads generation initiative and digital campaign drive to store

Simply, our experience, economies of scale and support simplify your step into secure self-employment. MBE will help you get started faster and succeed faster. Talk to someone from our network and see for yourself.

MBE’s comprehensive introductory course extends over approximately 4 weeks and includes a combination of online training, center visits and on-site training. In addition to the basic operational aspects, the focus is, in particular, on the development of business development skills. In this way, future franchisees receive the expertise to successfully run their MBE Center.

Starting any business requires initial capital and ongoing working capital. This may be obtained from any combination of private funds, loans, grants, subsidies, or other resources. Mail Boxes Etc. helps the prospect to define the correct capital structure which best matches your individual circumstances.

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