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The story of Sahin Sönmez

Sahin Sönmez is franchisee in Neuss

Sahin Sönmez, Inhaber eines MBE Sevice Centers in Neuss

“I am proud that I successfully run my own Mail Boxes Etc. Center in Neuss. As an experienced sales professional in the logistics industry, it has always been my dream to become self-employed, and I have achieved this with Mail Boxes Etc. – a globally established franchise system for shipping logistics, graphics, and printing services. In the start-up phase, I received extensive support from the MBE headquarters. They helped me create my business plan, secure funding and complete an extensive training program. They also supported me in customer acquisition through marketing activities. I am very happy with the growth of my business and great customer satisfaction. I have successfully used the pillars of Mail Boxes Etc. and, as a shipping professional, I have also been able to win many customers in the printing service.”

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